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Streets On Carson was founded on the basis of celebrating the unique but simple things hidden by everyday life. It was essential to provide an envirnoment that encourages creativity, food & drinks with a purpose, and an overwhelming amount of support for everything and anything local. From the food, to the art on our walls, everything in this one of a kind restaurant/bar has a piece of someone's soul invested in it.


Our menu is comprised of small dishes found in the most frequented markets, streets, and bazaars around the world. Chef Matt Christie has expertly combined authenticity, quality, and originality to create a culinary experience allowing all who walk through our doors the ability to travel the world, without ever leaving South Side.


The drink menu, not to be outshined, consists of specialty homemade cocktails with fresh ingredients inspired by exotic flavors, local crafts beers, daily drink specials, and happy hour from 5-7pm on weekdays.


Whether you're looking for an incredible dinner, snack, drink, or just want to meet some friendly and passionate people, Streets On Carson is the spot for you.

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