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Streets on Carson, South Side, Pittsburgh, Best Chef, International Street Food with an Elevated Modern Twist.


Chef/owner Matt Christie was 4 years old when he knew cooking was his passion. Nothing had ever held his interest the way food did. He immediately recognized that quality product was an essential ingredient in making any dish, chef, or establishment successful. As a teenager Chef  spent the majority of his time working in a kitchen where he learned and observed the basic ethical staples involved in running a thriving and successful restaurant. Chef soon after attended the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, previously located in Downtown Pittsburgh, where he developed his unique culinary style with a distinguishable, classically french, twist.


After college, Chef Matt took a job at Folino's on E. Carson St. officially starting his career as an executive chef. Over the span of his career, Chef established and gradually enhanced his style of leadership. He came to the conclusion that a tight- knit, trustworthy, and family oriented staff, when allowed enough creative freedom, could create an enjoyable work atmosphere with an even better product as an outcome. Ten years later,  life has come full circle for him. With the opening of Streets On Carson, only blocks away from his first executive chef job ever, Chef Matt hasn't felt more at home or excited to open his business on Carson Street.


Adding to the already existing family environment, the general manager/owner-Lauren Leon, is Chef Matt's wife. After working several jobs together, they decided they both would prefer to never work separately ever again. When Streets On Carson opened in March 2016 there wasn't time to celebrate a traditional wedding, so the owners decided to use the opening of their business as a wedding reception and an incredible opportunity to celebrate their marriage with the entire city of Pittsburgh.  


The couple has collectively spent close to 30 years working in the service industry and have experienced the absolute worst, and the absolute best. They came to realize the restaurant industry has the ability to awaken a culinary mind and crush a creative spirit all in the same breathe. With that being said, both have made it their goal to create an environment that positively influences and encourages creative freedom, intuitive thinking, and interpersonal relationships- not only amongst the employees, but for every single person that walks through the doors. 


Come for the food; Stay for the experience


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